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I guess you would get better idea if you call up Amway corporation or FTC and find out.

If you do take advice from other, then you will be flipping channels and burping beer too, and it takes one big financial hit to wipe you off the slate. wallpaper Flower Tattoo flower back tattoo Lets assume there are 100 unused visas in EB2 catagory in a calender quarter. requires that additional visas are distributed according to the world-wide distribution across FB and EB categories.

Now, millions of peoples, media, and government are backing this SRK, just for 2 hours interrogation that he faced in the airport. No one has bothered about thousands of innocent muslims they undergo similar checks at US airport, everyday. No one has bothered about millions of social security money contributed by H1Bs, that�s not ported to India when they returned.

Considering 50% of each EB1 and EB2 visas consumed by other than INDIA AND CHINA, still we should get aroud 40040 visas this year. If you furher divide 50% between INDIA and CHINA, both will get 20020, Which might be sufficient to cross 2005. Orchid Flower TattooWell I agree with you and some other members.

Well said,Yes attorneys would not know much about the recent changes in processing the application and VISA spill over changes. I bet every since IV made a remarkable place in Immigration community Murthy might be experiencing cut down in new clients and less mumber of Hits to MURTHY. COM Kudos to IV and all Core team members.

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Flower Tattoo Designs GalleryWe should not discuss this type of advertisements in this forum, we are giving them indirect publicity. 2010 Floral Shoulder Piece Wave Tattoo, New Wave TattooIf there is a need for companies to save money by going for substituted labor, then maybe the DOL and USCIS should work out to make the priority date of substitution case same as the 140 date and not the labor filing date. When the original labor petition was applied, they could not find suitable candidates and hence they had to approve the labor.

The high usage in the EB1 category has prevented the usual trickle of visas to the EB2 category" so i dont know what he is trying to say when india has used twice the limit in 2009. . i would really appreciate any input.

ALso can somebody please explain this sentence as well "He stated that, due to the dramatic increase in employment-based filings visa cutoff dates for FY2010 will be much more limited to ensure that there will be a steady supply of visa numbers available throughout the year" However a later report from USCIS says there is a drastic reductionin I 140 apps, also just today AILA released that DOL is processing JULY 2008 PERM cases, so where is this demand by increased filings that Mr. Oppenheimer talking about coming from. senior members please analyze All these statements are difficult to analyze.

. . I tried to add things up but could not.

The only way to get the actual idea of what is happening is to look at July, Aug and Sept visa bulletin as well as usage statistics for 2009. The analysis of above mentioned visa bulletins and usage statistics may help to understand what to expect over the next fiscal year and thereafter. .

. Is all these because of "increase efficiency" of USCIS and FBI that they processed all the old cases (better scenario) or is the result of something else (like tons of EB1C filing) in which case it will be 10+ yrs of delay for most of us:( So just wait. .

. hair Flowers Tattoo Design interesting tattoo ideas,grupakFinally you hit the nail on its head. Are you suggesting that somehow people of some countries have monopolized the foreign worker pool by born in the same country and NOT because of their skill.

Since we are talking about a privilege and benefit that comes from being employed in the US, you are actually suggesting that US employers should consider country of birth and not just skill in the employment. Tell me how did the Chinese, Indian, Mexican and Filipino workers unfairly monopolized the foreign worker pool. Again, employment in the US is based on skill not country of birth.

The foreign workers are here because they are needed, and US will benefit by keeping these skilled workers long term. Even if 20-30% people buy house, that reduces the no of applicants waiting for GC which will make it faster for the people that do not want to buy now for various reasons. Thanks for bringing such good and justified proposal.

tattoo Orchid Flower Tattoo flower tattoos on shoulder. reedandbamboo We get engaged in all kinds of discussions EB1 Vs EB2, EB-I Vs EB ROW. bulletin predictions.

. . But we all skilled immigrants can not figure out how to unite and resolve the big issue of backlog.

really fun flower tattoo iunseenguyWhy don't you guys go to some 'INDIAN_POLITICAL_VOICE. ORG' forum?I am abandoning my US dream for good;guess I would be satisfied with touching my 4 year old son's American passport. Berney, fix the broken education system for job protection rather than building fences to prevent legal workers to come to this gifted country.

Don't bad mouth the H1B system which has given you so much talent that you could have never groomed, the talented individuals who have contributed to the society, social security system and what not. If we have enough resources (a membership-based IV), perhaps we could explore the possibility of legal action, perhaps even a class action (not a lawyer myself. .

. so not sure if that's in the realm of possibility. .

. ), against this unconstitutional statute that restricts skilled folks from certain countries on the basis of diversity. But if each year the annual quotas of 140K aren't beint utilized, there's no rationale for restricting folks born in certain countries even though they have the necessary skills, imo.

jazz employment base makes up only about 11% of all immigration the country would not be "colonized" by choosing people for this category on merit alone. this is entirely my personal opinion: if extended families (like adult siblings and their entire families) were excluded from FB, country quotas would lose some of their "need" and FB would not have to be the overwhelming majority of immigration numbers. Thanks.

. We should ask Congress to postpone the July 30th fee increase while it studies how USCIS can function year round with the same efficiency that it showed in the last two weeks of June. Also find the other picture of product about Flower Tattoos For Women On Shoulder .We hope it can help you to get information of the product