Green Purple Full Buttoned Kaftan Dress Ideal as a Long Dress Bridesmaids Gifts Getting Ready Ro


Wedding Makeup Asian Eyes, Green Purple Full Buttoned Kaftan Dress Ideal as a Long Dress Bridesmaids Gifts Getting Ready Ro

This is a very special kaftan dress.

I have given buttons in the front going all the way down. This will make: a) a lovely long dress b) this will be excellent for nursing moms and will make a perfect gift for moms and to be moms. C) this will be an excellent lounge wear too if you wish to wear it at home as it is extremely comfortable.

D) this will be perfect for getting ready on your wedding day(or otherwise :)) as it opens from the front which is very important so that you don't have to lift your garment over your hair/makeup after you're done. These will make perfect bridesmaids gifts. I would be happy to make more from the same fabric or according to your wedding colors.

I would be happy to make it shorter or anything. Send me a convo and we can discuss. E) this will be a perfect beach wear.

F) this will be perfect bath or spa robe. G)this will also make a lovely jacket. You can keep the buttons open and wear it as a jacket.

I made this particular kaftan dress from green and purple floral 100 mulmul cotton. mulmul is a very fine variety of cotton which is extremely soft and it gets softer with every wash. It is so free flowing, that it will make you feel as if you aren't wearing anything at all ) the beauty of the kaftans is they will fit everyone so no need to worry about the size et all.

All my kaftans have deep necks(11-12 inches) so will fit all head sizes. However, the length of my kaftans will vary. It is 53 inches long and is 34 inches wide(68 circumference).

So as long as your bust and hip size is below 65 inches this will fit you just perfect. I have given a belt with it which you can tie anywhere. If you want to wear it as a dress it will look good tied just under your bust.

If you want to use it as loungewear you can wear the belt on your waist. In the pictures, i have shown when the belt is relaxed and when i have tightened the belt. Please note there might be slight color variation due to lighting and all.

Delivery time: i will ship this by express and you will get it within a week. Let me know if you have any questions. Also find the other picture of product about Wedding Makeup Asian Eyes .We hope it can help you to get information of the product