Discounted Price Medieval Long Linen Dress Tunic Red Elise'

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Discount Red Dresses For Women, Discounted Price Medieval Long Linen Dress Tunic Red Elise'

Medieval long linen dress tunic 'red elise' is also available in fixed sizes in stock (ready to ship).

Please contact us for more details. This dress is our version of european medieval ladies casual costume. It's made of 100 natural linen.

I want to say few words about this excellent fabric which is one of our favorite. Flax linen is 100 natural, it looks very authentic and this unique fabric gives great heat protection and it's light and dense at same time. this design is looks simple, but it's very well though out and dress looks great at almost any figure.

There are long lacing along back and sleeves. Please choose dress color in dropping menu. You can see all linen colors here manufacturing and shipping from ukraine takes about 4-6 weeks.

Please let us know your measurements: full height from head to toe chest circumference waist circumference hips circumference biceps circumference wrist circumference please check how to measure yourself here full 'red elise' costume belt is not included, it's not available for order. Fixed size: please note, the dress of size 6, 8, 10, 12 has the side bust darts for better shaping. Please note, if the difference between your waist and hips circumferences exceeds 9 13/16 in (25 cm), the dress won't fit tightly on the waist.

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