Classic Witch Adult Costume


Victorian Woman Costume, Classic Witch Adult Costume

It's the classic little black dress, witch-style! What woman doesn't need this staple in her closet? Witches get a bad rap, it's so unfair.

Where's the harm in casting a few spells to control others and get what you want? There's nothing wrong with that! So gather up your dragon's blood and frog legs and warm up the cauldron to get the potions bubbling. You're going to need the right outfit for the job, and you can't go wrong with the Classic Witch Adult Costume. It has everything you need to be stylish and lovely as your work your magic.

Time to start hexing and charming! But, you decide "witch" path, naughty or nice? Timeless style awaits! Five velveteen buttons grace the front of your Victorian-inspired black blouse. You'll pair that with a midnight black flowing skirt. The elastic waist allows plenty of give for witches of all girths and natures.

The classic black hat comes with an attached scarf -- let it stream behind you as you zoom around on your broom. The cape is a classic must-have for every witchy wardrobe. Perfect for all the witching seasons.

Broom (differs from shown), shoe covers and striped tights sold separately. Also find the other picture of product about Victorian Woman Costume .We hope it can help you to get information of the product